1. "The Noxious Song" by Mrs. O'Neill and Mr. Plunkett

to the tune of “Burning Down the House” by the Talking Heads

Stinking up the house!
My house pungent with rancid fish.
That’s right! It’s quite a repugnant smell--
noxious, fetid socks fillin’ up my draws.

Stinking up the house!

My fridge pungent with three month
old meats--that’s right--meat’s got an acrid
taste--putrid, malodorous is my house.

Stinkin’ up the house!

My house, ‘s’out of the ordinary,
That’s right! Don’t want to hurt nobody.
Why don’t you come on inside my house!
Stinkin’ up the house!

2. "Staying Contemptible" by Ben Dow, Victor, and Marina
based on "Stayin’ Alive" by The Bee-Gees
Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
I'm a notorious man, no time to talk
Abominable and disreputable
I've been murdering since I was born
But it's all right, that's okay
You may look the other way
You can try to understand
How I am an iniquitous man

Whether you're a goody or whether you’re a baddy
I’ll be stayin' contemptible, stayin' contemptible
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'
I'm a-stayin' nefarious, stayin' nefarious
Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' contemptible, stayin' contemptible
Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' nefarious

Well now, I get sad and I get low
And when I do, I steal kids lollipops
Got the temper of the devil in my glow
I'm an atrocious man, and I just can't lose
You know, it's all right, it's okay
I'll live to steal another day
You can try to understand
That I am an infamous man

3. The Confusing Homework Song by Sam Jones and Sierra Mahoney

to the tune of "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

I am doing math homework
I’m so perplexed
It’s very unclear, equivocate
and I really don’t know how to do this

These problems are cryptic
confusing and hard
I’m in a quagmire
the situation’s complex and awkward
Math just baffles me
it’s so bewildering

Multiplication perplexes me
Hutch’s explanation was ambiguous
this problem’s a conundrum, such a riddle

I’m in a quandary
[[#|math class]] is in 10 minutes
The homework was enigmatic
puzzling and intricate

4. "Be Beatific" by Tori Messina and Eavan O'Neill

based on "Don’t Worry, Be Happy" by Bob Marley

Here’s some serendipity
that means luck
listen closely if you’re emotionally stuck.

Don’t worry,
be beatific.

In life you will have some troubles
being Jovial will fix it on the double

Don’t worry
be ecstatic
ooooh oooh oh ooooh oh oh oh oooooooh

You’ve got no place to be improper or blithe
you gotta be euphoric throughout your life

Don’t worry
be jocular

Don’t worry
be happy

So be jovial and jocular and beatific
Be ecstatic and euphoric and your life will be terrific

Don’t worry
be ecstatic

Sweet serendipity is opportune
a little bit of this and your luck will change soon

Don’t worry
be beatific

5. It's Time to Be Shrewd by Molly and Stephanie

So this is what it means
To be astute and shrewd
To understand and make good judgments
Don't think much.
If you have a gut feeling then go with it
I don't wanna let you down
I don't wanna bring you down
'Cause after all,
You're sagacious if you have keen judgment
You have erudite if you're smart
I'm perspicacious and sage,
And acumen and savvy,
And judicious is what I am.

6. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Heinous Star by Cody Cook and Lucas Uhl

Twinkle, twinkle, heinous star.
How I wonder how wicked you are.
Up above the world so high
Like a demon in the sky

When the egregious sun is gone
When he badly scorches on
Then you show your corrupt light
Depravity all the night

Then the revulsion in the dark
Thank you for your loathing spark
He could not see which way to go
If you did not disgust him so

In the odious sky you keep
Repulsive souls that like to creep
For you never shut your eye
Till the sun is in the sky

As your course and scurrilous spark
Lights the vulgar in the dark
Though I know how gross you are
Twinkle, twinkle indecent star

Twinkle reprehensible star
How deserving of censure you are
Up above the world so high
Like an abhorrent star in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle, abhorrent star
How I wonder how repugnant you are

7. "The Facetious Song" by Lydia and Lauren

based on the song "Cups" by Anna Kendrick

My first impression was that you were droll
Oh so dryly humorous
But I soon learned you were frivolous and silly
When I laughed at our witty banter convo

humorous at the wrong time
A little levity….cuz
She lacked seriousness
And was a funny jocular joker

Flippant she lacked proper seriousness
Quip, what a funny remark
banter, droll, facetious
she was flippant, she was frivolous
she was jocular she was all levity oh...
she was one funny girl

8. "Heinous Things Have Happened" by Liane Rolls and Jacob Cooper

"Heinous Things Have Happened" by Jacob C. and Liane R.

Song based on "Stranger Things Have Happened" by the Foo Fighters

God this vile, foul room
This odious, revolting tune
I'm abhorrent to this silence
Like cats to dogs
This depravity I feel
For my one last meal
As I lay awake the
revulsion and the nausea increase
Oh, save me, save me from
your egregious ways
I’ll behave, I’ll behave, I’ll behave
to get away from you
You were not alone, scurrilous guest
You forgot but I remember this
Stranger, stranger
heinous things have happened, I know
I am not alone, dear loneliness
I forgot that you’re reprehensible
Oh stranger, stranger
Stranger things have happened, I know

9. "The Nefarious Song" by C.J. Cawley and Nathan Carolan

(Nathan)To the tune of "Dead Wrong" by Biggie Smalls

Relax and take notes, while we spit these notorious quotes

Call us
infamous - we’re known - we’re known

Known for some bad quality and deed

Our beats are too
atrocious, horrifying indeed

Nefarious is our taste, so we must make some haste

And steal her Versace shades, right off her face

Iniquitous in the act, never look back

We’re disreputable, not considered that respectable
You say we’re abominable, that’s purely irresponsible
Causing moral revulsion, disgust by compulsion
This rap may be viewed as contemptible
lowest of the low, irrefutable
We’ll try and not be too pitiful
But then again, i’ll see you at your funeral

10. "The Bogus Song" by Even Laukli, Erik Salmon, and Nico Whitty

To the tune of "We Will Rock You" by Queen

Buddy you’re a boy makin' erroneous statements and bogus accusations it’s gonna get you one dayYou’ve got fraud on your face,you big disgrace, S-P-U-R-I-O-U-S spelled out all over the placesingin’You are You Are Bogus, SpeciousYou are You Are Bogus, Specious
Buddy you’re fallacious fictionYour Verisimilitude gonna get you one dayA duplicitous faceYou FalsificateRunning Your mouth all over the place
You are You Are Bogus, Specious(Sing it!)You are You Are Bogus, Specious
Buddy you’re sick manspewing spurious announcementsour lies are gonna bite you back one dayYour answers are fallaciousdon't’ obfuscateduplicity got you here in the first place
You are You Are Bogus, Specious(Sing it!)You are You Are Bogus, Specious(All three of us again!)
You are You Are Bogus, SpeciousYou are You Are Bogus, Specious

11. "The Puzzling Song" by Campbell Dorsett, Amanda Dettmann,

and Sydney Mogul-Campbell

To the tune of "Today is Gonna Be a Great Day" by Bowling for Soup

There's 104 types of puzzling people
The awkward, the complex, the cryptic
So the gigantic problem for our generation
Is finding good ways to explain them...

Like maybe...
quagmire is
a boggy land that gives way
or a hazardous, weird situation

A quandary notes a dilemma for you
A sticky predicamental plight

Perplexing people are
Always surrounding you
baffling, frustrating things
(Oh my gosh! No!)

Finding a conundrum,
A riddle or question
That seems to drive you insane (Help!)

As you can see
ambiguous outcomes
All over this crazy world (There really are)

So now you think that this vocab is so helpful
It really, isn’t, at all
equivocating right at this moment
To be extra

(Class! It’s time for a puzzling quiz!)

12. "The Heroic Anthem" by Henry Jones, Devin Shields-Auble, and Noah Grondin

I got my hero for the long way round
he’s as audacious as can be
and he sure would like some tenacious company
he’s leaving tomorrow what do you say.

He is stalwart
He is loyal
He’s as intrepid as can be

You’re gonna miss his gallant self,
so brave and heroic;
You’re gonna miss him when he’s gone.

He’s got his ticket for the battlefield
filled with the dauntless warriors

Its got mountains its got rivers
Its got sights that give you shivers
But it sure would be better with you

He is brazen
He is so bold
He ain’t got no shame

You’re gonna miss his dauntless walk
You’re gonna miss his tenacious talk
Ooh you’re gonna miss him when he’s gone

13. "Not Afraid (Brave and Determined Remix)" by Jack Diggins and Lucas Uhl

Real Song: "Not Afraid" by Eminem

(I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, to be intrepid, to be intrepid
Everybody, everybody, come be gallant, come be gallant
We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
We’ll be tenacious, and audacious
Just lettin you know, we are stalwart
Holla if you feel like you’ve been down the same road!)

You can try to be audacious with us but only if you’re respectful
Yeah we mean taking bold risks, and not being boastful!
Ain’t no way you gonna stop us from being valiant
We show courage and determination similar to being gallant!
What you think, I’m being dauntless for me?
Nah I’m showing the world how fearless I can be!
Imma be what I set out to be, intrepid til the end of me!
Yeah fearless, adventurous, as much as one can be!
They call me stalwart cause I’m loyal and reliable,
I’m brazen buster, yeah it’s undeniable!
By brazen I mean no shame and I’m bold,
I’m also tenacious, cause I keep a firm hold!

14. "Happy, Beneficial, and Lucky" by Colleen, Maddie, and Eleanor O'Gorman

Based on "Best Song Ever" by One Direction

I cannot believe
you think that you are Jocular, you’re funny and playful I know,
you’re Jovial, cheerful and friendly and even though
you’re blithe and indifferent, maybe a little improper
Well I’m Beatific I’m happy and quite
Ecstatic too
Euphoric, excited and filled with happiness
Your timing’s opportune, an approvable tune
It’s a wonderful day that’s filled with serendipity

Happy, beneficial and Lucky

15. “The Frivolous, Flippant, Facetious, Fun Song” by Abbi, Caroline, and Grace

To the tune of “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid

First Verse:
Other people are always flippant
They’re never serious like us
They dream about being frivolous
They want to be careless like us
Just look at the world around you
Right here we are jocular
We are the life of the party
What more are you lookin for?

Please be silly
please be funny
Darling please banter
friendly exchanges
teasing remarks!
The boring folk they work all day
None of them like to laugh and play
you should be droll
friendly and teasing
Just be silly

Second Verse:
Some folks are a bit too serious
And others can be too facetious
They laugh when they shouldn’t at your playful banter
And your silly, witty quips
You only like pure levity
Instead of intensity
Such wonderful droll, dry humor
How much funnier could you be?

Please be silly
please be funny
Darling please banter
friendly exchanges
teasing remarks!
The boring folk they work all day
None of them like to laugh and play
you should be droll
friendly and teasing
Just be silly

16. "Bogus Man" by Channing Pooley, Karl Munroe, Sabrina Caramando.Banjo played by Thomas Spencer To the tune of "Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons
“Bogus Man” to the tune of Little Lion Man

Sir, I see your hat of hair
It’s far from real, don’t try to obfuscate
Your toupée’s falling off your head
And still you try to tell me “It looks great!”

But that is so fallacious
And it is very specious
You try to be duplicitous
It’s not working, my dear

I can’t believe you lied to me
Your hair is fake and now I know you’re bogus
I thought I’d love you forever
But now I guess that’s erroneous

My love for you was fallacious
Because your love was so spurious
You gave me the verisimilitude of your heart
It’s not working, my dear
It’s not working, my dear