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Date Assigned


Homework Descriptions and Links


June 8th

1. SEC Post-test

2. Jeopardy Final Review for exam.
1. Study for our vocabulary final for this Friday, June 10th. I will send an email with a link to our Jeopardy game. Remember that the only vocabulary words from Vocab. 9-10 are posted on the Jeopardy game. The only word on the quiz that is not in our Jeopardy game is "contend," so be sure to study that word!


June 6th

1. SEC Review

2. Vocab. 9 & 10 Review
1. SEC Post Test on Wednesday. Review using our Google doc and our Gramaroni Handouts.

2. Vocabulary Final MC exam Friday.

3. Literature Exam on Wednesday, next week. See Exam review sheet for studying.


June 3rd

1. Finish papers!
1. There's no homework this weekend, but if you want to get a jump start on studying for our vocab. final. I'll post our last two vocab. units electronically on GC. We'll work on those words on Monday. Vocab Multiple Choice (all) will be on Friday. You can put those last two units on a Quizlet and start studying.

2. Please be sure that you have posted your Revised works cited page as the last page of your final draft of your paper. If you didn't, please be sure to unsubmit after you have added it to your paper; you will not pass the paper without a works cited page!


May 26th

1. Thesis/Topic Sentences & Outline

2. Writing/
1. Thesis and Topic Sentences: Be sure to email Mrs. O your thesis statement and major topic sentences (just the topic sentences for your three or four major topic sentences) on Sunday or Monday. Remember to look over our sample introductions/conclusions and the exemplar papers to help you. Feel free to email me over the weekend to look over your introduction or a body paragraph.

2. Rough Draft: Come to class on Tuesday with a near-completed rough draft of your paper--it should include all but your conclusion. You will have most of class to work and conference. I'll be going over Schindler's List for about 10 minutes to get us ready for the film on Wednesday.

3. Notecards: I will finish grading your notes on Friday, so be sure that all three of your source notes are completed by the end of the day on Friday, May 27th. Remember that once you have your subtopics listed in column E of your notes, you can sort them alphabetically and this will help you organize your writing. If you don't remember how to alphabetize a column, just stop by and I can show you how.


May 24th

1. Overview of Paper

2. Conferencing/
Writing Time
1. Finish Source Notes #3 for the beginning of class on Thursday, May 26.

2. We will write thesis statements and topic sentences in class and conference.

Here's our schedule for next week:

Tuesday, May 31st: Full Rough Draft Due.
Wednesday, June 1st: Schindler's List in YPAC 11-2:20.
Thursday, June 2nd: Final Draft Due
May 18th
Work on Source Notes #2
1. Vocabulary #8 quiz Friday, May 20th. Quiz will only include Vocab. 8 words and Vocab. #1 prefixes.

2. Source Notes #2 due Tuesday and Source Notes #3 Due Thursday,

Reminder: Mrs. Paegelson visits Monday, Period 3! Go directly from your period 2 class to the YPAC.
May 12th
1. Go over Three Levels of Questions and Notecards

2. Work on Working Works Cited Pages.
1. Please be sure you complete and post your Working Works Cited page by Monday, May 16th.

2. Create your three levels of questions for class on Monday (post Sunday if possible so I can look them over before class). Use the sheet posted on Google Classroom called "My Three Levels of Questions."

3. Once you have created your three levels of questions, begin working on your Source Notes #1. There is a blank template posted for you on Google Classroom called "Holocaust Source Notes Template 2016." The student exemplar to use for a reference is called: "Holocaust Source Notes Exemplar: Danny Diligent." Please feel free to stop by Friday to ask me questions or send me an email this weekend if you need help! Source Notes #1 are due on Wednesday 5/18.

4. On Monday, please meet in our classroom before we can head down to the library so we can go over your notecards.


May 10

1. Finish Night discussions.

2. Works Cited Page &
Research Tools
1. For homework, find three sources to add to your Working Works Cited Page. You will have most of class on Thursday to work in the library, but I will be explaining how to do your notecards during the last 15 minutes of class. Go straight to the library on Thursday.

2. Don't forget your Schindler's List Permission Slips. Also, please return your Night books to me at the library on Thursday.

3. Vocab. #8 will be next Wednesday, so keep studying/reviewing. It will include vocab. #1, 2, & 3.


May 6th

1. Finish Holocaust Notes

2.Video: Hungary after the German Occupation

3. Work on "Holocaust Research Initial Questions and Exploration"
1. Be sure to finish and submit our "Holocaust Research Initial Questions and Exploration" sheet posted on Google Classroom. Remember to complete the questions for each of your three potential topics using the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia (link is posted on GC) to help you. Be sure you have completed this before Monday at the end of the day (I need to assign you a topic before class on Tuesday).

2. Finish reading Night and do final logs (now posted on GC) for Tuesday. Remember logs should show that you have read from pp. 62/65 to end of novel--quotes should be from beginning, middle, and end of reading.

3. Schindler's List Permission Slips are Due Tuesday, May 10th.

4. Vocab. #8 Quiz will be moved to next Wednesday, May 18th.


May 4th

1. Vocab. #8 Words

2. Holocaust Notes

3. Discuss Night..
1. Do Night reading Part II for Tuesday, May 10th. I will post a new Google doc for the reflections for Part II on GC. If you didn't post your Night logs today in class, please submit them as soon as you can.

2. Begin studying your Vocab. 8 words, our quiz on Thursday, May 12th will include Vocab. #1 Prefixes and Vocab #2 words.

3. If you are out of class on Friday for AP Euro, please be sure to complete the "Holocaust Research: Initial Questions" over the weekend. Now that you have chosen your three topics, go to our U.S. Holocaust Encyclopedia posted on GC, do some background reading, and post your answers to the questions on our "Initial Questions" sheet. Answers do not have to be long--short and direct is okay. I'll use them to help me help you decide on your project.

Good luck preparing for AP Euro!


May 2nd

1. Vocab. #7

2. Read "Isolating Gays" and "Euthanasia" Discuss questions on back.

1. Read Night Part I and do quote reflections. Due Wednesday, May 4th. Directions are posted on GC. Remember that the dates are not correct, but the page numbers are!

2. Please get your Schindler's List permission slip signed and return to class on Wednesday. They are due by next Tuesday at the latest.

3. Begin looking over our topic choices for our Holocaust Research papers posted on GC. On Wednesday, I'll be asking you to commit to three possible topics.
May 28th
1. Finish Class notes
1. Read Night Part I and do quote reflections. Due Wednesday, May 4th. Directions are posted on GC. Remember that the dates are not correct, but the page numbers are! I have posted Eli Wiesel's interview with Oprah Winfrey if you would like to watch it. We'll watch about 15 minutes of it on Monday.

2. Study for our Vocab. #7 Quiz on Monday. Remember that this quiz will also include words from Vocab. #1, 4, & 5.

3. Begin looking over our topic choices for our Holocaust Research papers posted on GC. On Wednesday, I'll be asking you to commit to three possible topics.


April 26th

Nazi Propaganda activities.
1. Read "The Birthday Party" and do reflective questions posted on Google Classroom.

Great discussions today!


April 12th

1. Weimar Republic discussion and notes

2. Hitler's Rise to Power Notes
1. Please Gloss your Nonfiction Essays which are now posted on the GC. Great job! Please be ready to turn those in on Thursday.

2. Select a Free Choice Holocaust novel or nonfiction book for Thursday. The library has a shelf with a variety of Holocaust books available to choose from! I will ask you to give me your author and title in class on Thursday.


April 7th

1. Journals: differences

2. Finish Blog discussions "We and They"

3. Notes on antisemitism
1. Read and highlight Albert Marrin's "Land without Justice." Highlight interesting information and any areas you have questions about. Give yourself plenty of time for the reading--it's really interesting but long.

2. Complete the questions posted on Google Classroom based on the reading.for class on Tuesday.


April 6th

Begin Holocaust Unit:
a. Identity
b. We & They discussion and notes
1. Death of a Salesman visual synthesis paragraphs due Friday. Please be ready to submit at the start of class. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

2. Don't forget to bring your headphones to class on Friday. :) Mrs. O


April 4th

1. Conferencing & writing synthesis essay paragraph

2. Begin Holocaust unit.
1. Rough draft of synthesis paragraph due Friday. Keep working on those. If I did not see both your thesis and topic sentence in class today, please be sure to send them to me via email tonight, so I can look them over and give you feedback.

2. Hamlet test corrections due Wednesday. See my email for directions and please feel free to email any clarifying questions.


April 31st

1. Synthesis paragraph overview

2. Watch Frank's Chop House Scene

Synthesis Paragraph Homework:

Please do the following:
a. choose your synthesis paragraph topic (American Dream or Parent/Child relationships),
b. choose the two extra sources you'll include in your paragraph (posted on Google Classroom),
c. read those two additional sources,
d. write a thesis (based on the model posted on Google Classroom) and your topic sentence.
On Monday, we'll go over the paragraph structure again with more detail and time for asking questions. Rough draft of paragraphs will be due on Friday of next week 4/6. I'll have a final draft due the week after grades close because I know next week will be a busy week.


March 28th

1. Act II Reading Check

2. Finish Act II discussion

No homework tonight!


March 25th

1. Finish Act I: Notes and discussion.
1. Finish reading Act II and the "Requiem" chapter. Be sure to sticky important moments in Act II, and "Requiem" chapter. Come to class with questions about the parts you didn't understand and with quotes and passages that you'd like to discuss! Be ready for a quick reading check.

2. Nonfiction Free Choice books: If you borrowed a book from me, please remember to return it to class on Tuesday. Thanks!


March 23rd

1. Compound sentences review

2. Act I Death of a Salesman.
Read and highlight Arthur Miller’s “Tragedy and the Common Man” from your Death of a Salesman packet (it's also posted on GC): find five good quotes that explain why Miller sees Willy as a true “tragic hero” and come ready to discuss quotes for class discussion on Friday.


March 11th

Work on papers!
1. Please remember that your papers are due on Tuesday. I'll be looking at your outlines on Saturday to give you a bit of feedback. I'll post a copy of a final checklist on line.

Good luck, everyone!


March 9th

1. Conferencing

2. DoS
1. Be sure to post your completed Visual Outline by 3:00 by Thursday. Please see list below to ensure that everything is on your outline. You may post your VO with analysis, but you don't have to.

2. Remember to bring your books and headphones to class on Friday so you can crank away on your essays. I'll try to get feedback to you at some point on Saturday for your outlines. Good luck & don't hesitate to email me with questions.


March 7th

1. Conferencing for Free Choice Nonfiction essays
1. Fill in your Nonfiction Visual Outline for Wednesday; completed outline should include:

a. revised thesis and topic sentences based on our conferencing
b. at least two pieces of evidence per body paragraph (evidence can be a paraphrased example or a quote)
c. you should not have more that two long quotes in your paper (long quote = 5+ lines)
d. Remember that this paper must be 5 pages in length like our other papers with 6 quotes total--some of those quote may appear in your introduction or conclusion.

2. Final papers are due on Tuesday, March 15th. If you know you will not be here that day due to CEP, please send me an email with a concrete plan about when you will have your paper in.

Thursday, March 3rd

1. Vocab. Quiz #6

2. Work on nonfiction Essays.
1. Finish reading your nonfiction books by Monday 3/7. Also, be sure that your group completes your notes for your nonfiction books by Monday 3/7. Don't forget to put your name in parenthesis next to any work you enter onto the notes sheet (quotes, etc.).

Complete your thesis and topic sentences for conferencing in class on Monday--Thesis and topic sentences worksheet is posted on Google Classroom. You'll have about half a class to work on nonfiction essays/reading/notes on Monday while I conference. Don't forget to bring your free choice books to class all week!

Nonfiction Essay Timeline

  1. thesis and topic sentences: Mon. 3/7
  2. visual outline due Wed. 3/9: thesis, ts, evidence
  3. papers due Tuesday 3/15
  4. Friday 3/10 full work day for papers

Go, Boys' Hockey!
Go, Playmakers!


March 1st

Hamlet Test
1. Vocab. Quiz #6 Thursday! Study Vocab. 2-3 for the quiz as well as one.

2. Be sure to have almost all of your nonfiction book read for tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your nonfiction books with you to class tomorrow!


Feb. 26th

1. Hamlet Imovies!
2. Review for test
1. Study for our Hamlet test on Tuesday, March 1st. Remember that the test will have three parts: character identification and significance, quotes, and short answers. All quotes will be taken from the review sheet posted on Google classroom and the homework guided reading sheets.


1. Free choice nonfiction books will be due on Thursday, March 3rd, so read a lot this weekend.
2. Vocab. #6 Quiz will be on Thursday as well.


Feb. 24th

1. Hamlet Review

2. Nonfiction 3 Levels of Questions
1. Study for Vocabulary #6 Quiz on Friday. Remember that Vocab. 2 & 3 will be the "focus" vocabulary for this quiz. Remember to always study Vocab. #1 Prefixes. Cafeteria decorating is all day Thursday after school, so plan your studying accordingly!

2. Begin working on the Hamlet review sheet to prepare for our test on Tuesday 3/1.


February 22nd

1. Hamlet Review

2. Vocabulary 1-2 review Kahoot!
1. Study Vocab. for Quiz #6 on Friday. Tonight, study vocab. 1, 2, and 3.

2. Nonfiction: Keep reading your non-fiction books--they should be finished by next Thursday! Please bring your non-fiction books to class on Wednesday for notes and group work discussion.

3. Begin studying for our Hamlet test on Tuesday of next week. Review sheet will be posted later today.


Feb. 11th

Finish Hamlet imovies
1. Finish your Free Choice Non-fiction books!

2. Hamlet imovie premier will be held on the Friday we return from vacation.



Feb. 8th

1. Work on Hamlet Imovies.
1. Be sure that your lines are 100% memorized for shooting on Thursday. You will have most of the period to film, so be sure to be ready to go quickly with your lines, blocking, and costumes.

2. Be sure to post your Hamlet Act V questions. I'll be catching up on grading Hamlet worksheets, so be sure that you have submitted your Hamlet worksheets on Google Classroom. After vacation, we'll finish reviewing/taking notes and the play and preparing for the test.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

and Friday,

Feb. 5th

1. Hamlet 4.3 and 4.4 reading.

2. Hamlet Act 5 reading
1. Finish Hamlet reading and questions for 3.3 and 3.4 by the end of class tomorrow, Friday 2/5 be sure to post your Guided Reading questions for 4.3 and 4.4 on Google Classroom. Be sure to have your Hamlet lines memorized for shooting on Friday.

2. Weekend homework: Read 5.1 and 5.2 and Do Hamlet Guided reading questions posted on Google Classroom. You will have 45 minutes tomorrow in class to begin your 5.1 and 5.2 reading and questions! Good luck with your Hamlet imovies! I'll be sending you a note via email with some Hamlet imovie reminders.


Feb. 1st

1. Review 3.3 and 3.4
1. Remember to memorize almost 90% of your lines for Wednesday and all lines for Friday. Be prepared to shoot your films on Friday! On Friday, I'll ask the substitute to give you guys a quiz where you write down your lines, like we did for Poetry Out Loud to make sure that everyone has memorized his/her lines.

Use this week's homework time to focus on getting those lines memorized. For directors, be sure that you have completed today's logs (and past logs), be sure you've completed your filming story board, and be sure that you understand all the things your actors are saying so that you can help direct them--remember to keep those films dynamic with good blocking, movement, and strong acting, so push your actors over the next couple of days to bring these scenes to life! Be focused, serious, and enjoy the process!

Here are some sample imovies from a few years ago to give you a sense of ways you can make your scenes come alive with music and "touches." I'll also include a link to some music you might want to consider using for your movies.

Shakespeare Music

Old Imovies--Student Examples


Jan. 28th

1.Hamlet Imovie tips
2. Movie scenes
3. Imovie Group Work
1. Keep Memorizing your lines--have 85% of lines memorized for Monday. Full lines by Friday.
2. Read Hamlet 3.3 and 3.4 for Monday and do questions posted on Google Classroom (will post those by the end of period 3 Friday).


Jan. 26th

1. Hamlet Imovies work.
2. Cinematography
3. Review 3.1/3.2
1. Memorize your lines for Hamlet Imovies--should me memorized by next week Friday completely.

2. Read nonfiction books! Keep your eye on our deadlines.


Jan. 22nd

1. Survey
2. PSATs with Guidance
3. Finish Hamlet Act I and II Review
1. Begin memorizing your lines! Imovies will be do just before break (that gives us about 8 classes!).

2. Read Hamlet 3.1 and 3.2. Do close reading questions--posted on Google Classroom.


Jan. 20th

1. Vocab. 5 review & 6 introduction.

2. Hamlet Act I and II thematic review work.
1. Work on our "O What a Rogue and Peasant Slave" soliloquy sheet--posted on Google Classroom. Remember that the final column on the worksheet is for you to put Hamlet's words into modern English--your words--how would you say those things in modern English? Do NOT just cut and paste from electronic sites, instead, do your best to put Shakespeare's words into your own--who hasn't had a day when you've been so down you said something like, "What an ass am I!" So have fun!

2. Do not post your Hamlet Act I and II reviews until we finish our discussion of themes in class on Friday 1/22.


Jan. 15th

1. Quiz
2. Organize Free Choice Novels
3. Hamlet movie
1. Please read at least 25 pages of your free choice fiction books this weekend. Be sure to take notes as you read.

2. Please fill in the Hamlet Acts I & II review sheet posted on Google Classroom. For each question, be sure to have at least two examples/pieces of evidence/quotes for your answer.


Jan. 13th

1. Hamlet
2. Kahoot Vocab.
1. Study for Vocab. Quiz #5 (remember to study all vocab. 1-4).


Jan. 7th

1. Review 1.2 & notes on soliloquy
1. Read 1.4 and 1.5 Hamlet. Complete guided reading questions posted on Google Classroom.

Have a great weekend!


Jan. 5th

1. Review 1.2 with notes

2. Hamlet's first soliloquy activity
1. Read 1.2 and 1.3. Do questions posted on our Google Classroom for next class.

2. If you have your free choice reading book, be sure to bring it to class with you on Thursday.

3. Please sign up for our //Hamlet// books here!


Dec. 18th

1. Review Hamlet Synopsis

2. Shakespeare's language

3. Act 1.1 acting & discusion
1. Be sure to bring your free choice nonfiction novel with you to class on Tuesday. I will post the groups by Sunday evening.

2. Finish reading Hamlet 1.1 (Act I, scene 1). Complete the questions posted on GC. Be ready for a mini-pop quiz on the scene. It will not be difficult, just a reading check.
Dec. 16th
1. Free Choice nonfiction book selections.

2. Hamlet Synopsis Circle.
1. Please sign up for three possible choices for books you may want to read for our next free choice nonfiction books. I have posted our sign up sheet on the Google classroom. Please place a # next to your top three in rank order of #1 (First choice) #2 second choice #3 (Third choice).

2. If you were absent on Wednesday, please read through the book descriptions and choose your top 3 possible reads for our next set of free choice nonfiction readings.


Dec. 14th

1. Peer Edit

2. Begin Hamlet! Journaling and Activity.
1. Final draft due of Free Choice Fiction Essay on Wednesday, Dec. 16th. Good luck; don't forget to stop and see me.

When writing your conclusions, remember to try and get a good mix of L2 ideas (first 1-4 sentences) before expanding out into your L3 ideas. Also, remember not to just repeat ideas you're already stated in your paper already--instead, consider what these characters, this setting, these relationships reveal about what it means to be human, what we learn from one another, what we discover about the world, ourselves, our relationships because of these thematic ideas and characters.


Dec. 10th

1. Conferencing!

1. Full rough draft due of Free Choice Fiction Essay (including introduction and conclusion) for peer edit on Monday, Dec. 14th. Be sure to read over the sample exemplar papers I shared with in as paper copies in class to look at formatting for citations, introductions, and conclusions. I'll also be posting exemplar introductions and conclusions on Google Classroom period 3 Friday.

2. Final draft due of Free Choice Fiction Essay on Wednesday, Dec. 16th.

Good luck and don't be shy about emailing me to look over introductions, a conclusion, an analysis paragraph, etc.

3. Test Corrections Oedipus Rex Test. Please do test corrections for Oedipus Rex tests. Come to my room to pick up our Oedipus test today (after period 3) to work on over the weekend. State what was wrong and correct it. Tests can be made up to a 90.

Friday, Dec. 4th

1. Oedipus Rex test
1. For the weekend, please use the Theme to Thesis and Thesis to Topic Sentences hand out posted on our Google classroom to construct your thesis and topic sentences for class on Tuesday, Dec. 7th.

2. Outlines for Free Choice Novels will be due on Thursday, Dec. 9th. We'll have time in class on both Tuesday and Thursday to work on these.



1. Study for our Oedipus Rex test tomorrow. Remember to use our Oedipus Rex review sheet to help you study. Remember to develop specific and detailed examples for those short answers and study those terms for the matching. Don't forget to read over the quotes and be sure that you know them well. I will choose 5 of the 11 quotes for our test.

GREAT JOB on your POETRY OUT LOUD poems! I was so excited and proud of all of you yesterday! GOOD WORK, SOPHOMORES!

Monday 11/30

1. Finish reading Oedipus Rex

2. Work on Oedipus Review.

1. Poetry Out Loud Competition on Wednesday, 12/2. Good luck! Please come and see me if you'd like to practice!

2. Begin studying for our Oedipus Rex Text on Friday 12/4. Use our study guide on Google Classroom to help you.

Outlines for Free Choice Novels Due Tuesday 12/8.
Papers Due 12/14.



1. Finish Oedipus Rex! (almost)

2. Work on Poetry Out Loud poems.

Poetry Out Loud Competition: Wednesday 12/2. Be sure your poem is 100% memorized for class on Monday!
Oedipus Rex Test Friday, 12/4
Outlines for Free Choice Novels Due Tuesday 12/8.
Papers Due 12/14.



1. SEC Test
2. POL practice!
1. Memorize your POL poem--100% for Monday. I'll be asking you to write it down for me for a homework grade (x1.00).

2. Using the "Prewriting and Thinking about Your Novel" sheet posted on Google Classroom, please choose ONE category to answer the questions asked below it: Characterization, Character Relationships, Setting, etc. Be sure to choose a category that will help your thinking for your upcoming Free Choice Fiction Essay. Please answer all of the questions asked with specific details from the story--answers should be about 2-3 sentences.

3. Please bring a printed copy of your poem to class on Monday as well as your Free Choice Fiction Novels.



1. SEC Review

2. Begin novels discussions.
1. Study for our SEC Text (x2.00) on Thursday. Use our class review sheets and our Grammaroni sheets to help you study.

Remember to especially study the following:
a. Adverbial Clauses (review subordinating conjunctions)
b. List of Prepositions (don't forget to review compound prepositions)
c. Singular pronouns list (nobody, someone, Anyone, etc.)

2. Have your POL poem 85% memorized for Thursday!

Friday 11/13

1. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

2. Oedipus Rex Reading and Notes
1. Read your Free Choice Fiction Novels: Deadline is this Tuesday, 11/17. Remember to take notes--be sure to read over my comments to see where you can "bulk up" your notes for next time.

2. Begin review for our SEC Test this Thursday 11/19. Links to each of our Grammaronis are listed under the SEC & Style page listed on our navigation page to the right.

Here are the SEC terms to study below:
a. Adverbial Clauses (SEC Rule #15)
b. Prepositional Phrases (SEC Rule #14)
c. Participial Phrases (SEC Rule #14)
d. Compound Sentence with a semi-colon (SEC Rule #4)
e.Compound Sentence with a comma and a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS) (SEC Rule #4)
f. Compound Sentence with semi-colon, transition word/phrase followed by a comma (SEC Rule #4)
g. Apostrophes (SEC Rule #3)
h. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement (SEC Rule #6)

3. Poetry Out Loud Poems: Memorize 1st 10 lines by this Tuesday 11/17.



1. Gloss Mockingbird Essays!
1. Gloss and revise your To Kill a Mockingbird essays. Be prepared to Turn them In electronically on Tuesday.

2. Read your Free Choice Fiction Novels: Deadline is this Friday 11/13 (This has been changed to give you some time). Remember that as you read, add notes to your reading guide).

3. Keep working on your POL poems--please bring a hard copy (already printed!) to class with you on Tuesday--we'll begin working on your poems regularly now that Q1 is finished.



1. Apostrophes

2. Tragic Hero Notes
2. Oedipus Rex Reading and Notes
1. Read your Free Choice Fiction novels--those deadlines will come up quickly!

2. Finish your apostrophes worksheet for Friday!

Good luck soccer!
1. Vocab. #4 Quiz
2. Free Choice Reading
3. Compound Sentences
4. Oedipus Rex!
1. Read your Free Choice Fiction novels.
2. Work on your POL poems!





1. Compound Sentences Review.

2. Free Choice Novels Discussion and Notes.

3. Go over "History Lessons" homework.
1. Study for our Vocabulary #4 Quiz on Monday 11/2. Remember that the quiz will include vocabulary #1 prefixes, Vocab. #2 & #3 words. Good luck studying. Let me know if you need help!

2. Keep Reading your Free Choice Fiction novels and taking notes as you read. Our next reading deadline is October 10th--not this week but next.

3. Start working on memorizing your POL poem! Have fun! Be sure you've posted your poem on our list on Google Classroom.



1. Vocabulary Activity--Review 1-4.

2. Poetry Terms Notes

3. Oedipus Rex mini-play!
1. Read Yussef Komunyakaa's "History Lessons" and do close reading (points 1-4) for each of the three sections of the poem. Also, please complete the questions for each section either by hand or electronically (posted on GC). Remember to read the poem at LEAST 3x before you try to understand it.

2. Keep Studying Vocab. 1-4 for Quiz on Monday 11/2.

3. Bring your Free Choice Fiction books to class on Thursday--I'm very sorry we didn't get to this today. We'll start class with your Free Choice Reading on Thursday. Happy Reading!

4. Poetry Out Loud: Bring your poems to class again on Thursday and everyday! Please post your poems on the GC sight called POL Poem Choices 4W. THANKS! You guys have made some incredible poem choices.

1. Discuss "Snapping Beans" and "Mid-Term Break"

2. Quiet Reading Time/Time to Choose POL poem.
1. Free Choice Reading #2 Due Tuesday, 10/28. Be sure to read up to your latest deadline and take notes. See schedules on our Google Classroom.

2. Choose your POL poem for Tuesday 10/28. Please bring a printed paper copy with you to class on Tuesday--don't print it during class--bring it to class!

3. Be sure you have done the following if you haven't already:

a. posted on Google Classroom: "I am" Poem, Vocabulary #4 Sentences

b. Marked notes on your "Snapping Beans" and "Mid-term Break" poems according to the guidelines--I will be collecting those on Tuesday.

Wednesday 10/21

1. Finish review of phrases and clauses.

2. Introduce Semi-colons.

3. Share "I Am" poems.

4. Vocab. #4 sentences.
1. Put your Vocabulary #4 words on a quizlett. Start studying those words. Vocab. #4 Quiz on 11/2.

2. Read "Snapping Beans" (page 1) and "Mid-term Break" (page 3) of our poetry packets. As you read, please do the following for each poem:

a. underline all images and label what type of image they are (smell, taste, touch, sight, sound)

b. circle 6-8 diction choices and write notes in the margins about their denotations and connotations.

c. mark with a red wiggly line places where the writer is using repetition. Jot notes in the margins about the impact of that repetition on the poem: what does it show us about the speaker's emotional state? What does it show us about the tensions in the poem?

d. jot down places where you can identify a clear tone in the lines of the poem--use your tone wheel. Jot one or two sentences in the margins of your essay about the tone and what it reveals about the speaker and/or his/her situation.

e. write one or two sentences about something that surprised you or made you wonder about the poem

f. Lastly, write a brief summary of the poem (4-5 lines) that explains what the poem reveals about the speaker of the poem and his or her experience leaving childhood and entering adulthood.

2. Begin looking for your poem for POL. Here is the POL Website to begin searching. Remember to choose a poem that speaks to you in some way, that intrigues you and pulls you in for whatever reason. Don't just pick a poem just for the sake of picking! Pick a poem that you'll be glad you memorized 10 years from now--it's worth it.

3. Bring your Free Choice Reading books with you to class on Friday. I'll give you some time to read in class.

We'll begin Oedipus on Friday! :)
1. Clauses and Phrases final review

2. Share "I AM" Poems

3. Vocab. #2 Sentence sharing.

4. Compound Sentences (Woohoo!)
1. Do Vocabulary #4 sentences--Posted on Google Classroom. Due Friday 10/23.
Vocab. #4 Quiz on 11/2.

2. Begin looking for your poem for POL. Here is the POL Website to begin searching. Remember to choose a poem that speaks to you in some way, that intrigues you and pulls you in for whatever reason. Don't just pick a poem just for the sake of picking! Pick a poem that you'll be glad you memorized 10 years from now--it's worth it.

3. Bring your Free Choice Reading books with you to class on Friday. I'll give you some time to read in class.

We'll begin Oedipus on Friday! :)



1. Review phrases and clauses

2. Preview Vocab. #4 Words

3. Poetry Introduction
"The First Time I Saw Snow" with discussion of Imagery and Diction
1. Finish the SEC Review: Adverbial Clauses, Prepositional and Participial Phrases for class on Wednesday.

2. Finish writing your "I am" poem.

3. Create Sentences for Vocab. #4 words--posted on Google Classroom. Create a Quizlet for studying.
Vocab. #4 Quiz on 11/2.

3. Keep reading your Free Choice Fiction novel--next deadline: Tuesday, 10/27.
October 25th
1. Vocab. #3 Quiz

2. Free Choice Reading/Discussions
1. Read your Free Choice Novels! Be sure to take notes as you read, mark your book with stickies (important passages and quotes to come back to), and keep an eye on your next reading deadline: Tuesday, October 27th.

Have a great weekend, and good luck to those of you Clippers who are competing!


October 13th

1. Participle Phrases lesson and practice sentences.

2. Free Choice Novel Discussions & 3 Levels of Questions

3. LINGO! Vocabulary practice
1. Study for Vocabulary Quiz #3 on Thursday 10/15. Remember that the quiz will include our Vocab. #1 prefixes, our Vocab.#2 Mockingbird words, and our new Vocab. #3 words. The format for the quiz will be the same, except that I will be including Vocab. #2 words on the quiz. Prefixes will also be included. You can find all of our word lists posted on the wiki. Go to the navigation bar and click on the vocabulary link. You'll see all our vocabulary links there.

2. Please bring your Free Choice Fiction novels to class on Thursday. After the quiz, you will work on a prepositional phrases, participle phrases, and adverbial clauses review sheet. After that, you will have time to work in your Free Choice Fiction groups.

Jasper Jones: Quiet Reading
Kite Runner: Quiet Reading

Secret Life of Bees: Discussion/Notes
The Rule of Three: Quiet Reading
DaVinci Code: Quiet Reading & Take Notes



1. Turn in Mockingbird papers!

2. Organize reading schedules and note-taking for Free Choice Novels.

3. Vocab. stories!
1. Read your Free Choice Fiction novels and take notes as you read on our Guided Reading Sheets you created in class today. Curl up, put your p.j.'s on, and ENJOY! Be sure to take notes to aid your discussions for class this coming Tuesday 10/13. Remember that your group is counting on you to come prepared with the reading done and notes for the discussion.

2. Review and study for our Vocabulary #3 quiz on Thursday 10/15. Remember that the quiz will include our Vocab. #1 prefixes, our Vocab.#2 Mockingbird words, and our new Vocab. #3 words. The format for the quiz will be the same, except that I will be including Vocab. #2 words on the quiz. Prefixes will also be included. You can find all of our word lists posted on the wiki. Go to the navigation bar and click on the vocabulary link. You'll see all our vocabulary links there.

Enjoy the long weekend!



1. Prepositional Phrases

2. Peer Editing of Mockingbird papers

3. Free Choice Fiction Readers Guides (posted on GC and we will discuss on Thursday).
1. Mockingbird Essays--Final Draft due Wednesday 10/7.

Some reminders:

a. verbs are in the present tense
b. all quotes are introduced with a signal phrase or signal sentence (unless blending).
c. all quotes are cited properly
d. paper is five pages minimum and 6 pages max
e. all quotes are followed by 2-3 sentences of analysis
f. paraphrased examples include a high level of detail
g. you have printed off a paper copy and glossed and revised from a paper copy before printing your final
h. read your paper aloud to yourself to listen for errors (remember that most awkward sentences can be fixed by using an adverbial clause
i. each body paragraph has at least two pieces of evidence (unless you have one body paragraph with a long quote).

Good luck, everyone! Make these papers passionate and beautiful (and well glossed)!


10 2

1. Warm Up:

2. Conclusions

3. Conferencing
1. Mockingbird Essays Rough Draft due Monday, 10/5. Be sure that:
a. Rough Draft is on a Google Doc
b. Rough Draft includes an introduction, body paragraphs (at least 3), and a conclusion
c. paper is 5 pages--no more, no less (if you go over a bit, that's okay!).

We will do peer edits on Monday, so be sure your paper is completed.

2. Vocab. #3 Quiz: Tuesday, Oct. 14th (THIS IS A DATE CHANGE). Be sure to keep reviewing vocab. #1, #2, #3.

3. Free Choice Fiction: On Monday, we will go over how we will be organizing your reading and focus for your novels.



1. Signal Sentence Practice

2. Overview of Mockingbird Essays

3. Conferencing
1. For Thursday, please complete the following parts of your visual outline:
a. write your introduction, including thesis.
b. fill in the first body paragraph box on your visual outline--all the pieces
c. In your second body paragraph box, complete your assertion and each of your pieces of evidence.

2. If you did not have a chance to conference with me today, you will have time on Thursday to conference. Please feel free to shoot me an email or come find me period 3 or 5B (in Mrs. Drew's office) to ask questions!


Sept. 25th

1. Organize Free Choice reading schedule.

2. Adverbial Clauses Lessons

3. Thesis and Topic Sentence
1. Create Thesis and Topic Sentence Assertions for your To Kill a Mockingbird papers. Please use the "Creating Your Thesis and Topic Sentence Assertions" handout we started working on in class. On Tuesday, you can hand in a paper copy or an electric copy. We will conference about thesis and topic sentences Tuesday and Thursday. Please be sure to bring your free choice reading books andMockingbird books to class on Tuesday and Thursday.

If you would like to get a jump start on your introduction for your essay (remember that your thesis assertion is the last sentence of your introduction paragraph), here are some introduction strategies and sample exemplars #1 and #2. Intro. and 1st two body paragraphs will be due on Thursday this week. If you'd like to take a peek at our Critical Analysis Packets, here it is!

2. Keep Studying Vocab. #3 Words! Quiz on Friday 10/8.

3. Begin reading your free choice fiction novels! See Schedules for your Free Choice Reading here. Remember that on those deadlines, you should come to the class with the reading completed and notes for discussion. I will give you some


Sept. 23rd

1. Vocab. #2 Quiz

2. Review Vocab. #3

3. Identity Charts and Questions
1.Place Vocab. #3 Words on Quizlett OR Index Cards (Quiz on Tuesday 10/6)
2. Do sentences for Vocab. #3--place on Google classroom version of vocab. words.
3. Get your Free Choice Novels and Begin reading: Schedule Friday. Please bring your free choice novels to class on Friday to organize your schedules.
4. Finish Identity Charts for Friday--I will collect them then. Add color, pictures, whatever you'd like before we hang them up.
Sept. 21st
1. SEC Pretest

2. Study for Vocab. #2 Quiz

3. Introduce Essential Questions and Identity Chart
1. Wednesday, Sept. 23rd: Vocab. Quiz #2 (includes Greek Prefixes and Mockingbird Vocabulary). Be sure you can spell all of our words correctly, know their part of speech, and use them in a sentence. We'll do more practicing on Monday.

2. Free Choice Novels: Be sure that you have signed up for at least two novels that you might like to read aside from your own novel choice. I will choose groups, and we'll get started reading on Wednesday!

3. Word Wizards: Great job using those Word Wizards! Keep it up!


Sept. 17th

1. Signal Phrases

2. Peer Edits of
Analytical Paragraphs.
1. Wednesday, Sept. 23rd: Vocab. Quiz #2 (includes Greek Prefixes and Mockingbird Vocabulary). Be sure you can spell all of our words correctly, know their part of speech, and use them in a sentence. We'll do more practicing on Monday.

2. Free Choice Fiction Novels: Be sure to sign up for our Free Choice Fiction Novels on the Google Doc posted on Google Classroom. Post your "recommendation" book and then sign up for at least two other novels that you would be willing to read with folks from the class.

3. Revise and Post Your Practice Character Paragraphs. Remember to post on Google Classroom. Also, please be sure to add to your analysis, be sure you have at least two examples, and make your topic sentence address how your character changed from the beginning of the novel to the end of the novel (use your character arc). Use the links below to help you with your writing.
Peer Editing Sheet Transition Words Verbs for Signal Phrases

4. Word Wizards: Begin collecting Word Wizard points for our class! I have posted our Word Wizard Sheet on Google Classroom--I've made one collective sheet for our class so we can keep track as a class of how many word wizard points we have, so be sure to add your name when you post a new word wizard. Perhaps we could also give a prize for most Word Wizards earned by one student each quarter?
Sept. 15th
1. Vocab. #1 Quiz
2. Discuss Jim Crow Laws
3. Review
1. Vocab. List #2: Create sentences and add them to the electronic vocab. #2 list posted on Google Classroom. Place your sentence under the Harper Lee sentence for each word. If you didn't finish creating your Quizlett in class, please finish that for homework.

2. Create a rough draft of an analytical paragraph for your character. Remember that your topic sentence should make an assertion: What are you proving? Remember that your assertion should show your character's "arc": who is he/she at the beginning of the novel and who is he/she after experiencing the trial, etc. You can also use an adverbial clause to help you structure your assertion:

a. While Arthur Radley is viewed by the children at the beginning of the novel as a monster and mystery, the children come to discover that Arthur is actually a human being capable of courage and compassion.

b. Be sure that your paragraph has at least two pieces of evidence and includes analysis.

c. have posted reminders about what each part of your paragraph should do.
Friday, Sept. 11th
1. Review Greek Vocab. Prefixes for Quiz.

2. Review Characterization Definition.

3. Group work on Characterization.
1. Study for Greek Vocab. #1 Quiz on Tuesday. Quiz only on Greek prefixes!

2. Be sure to prepare your SummerREAD books for group discussions on Thursday 9/17 period 3.

3. Be ready next Thursday to come to class with a Free Choice Fiction novel suggestion for a literature
circle group. We'll finalize novel choices the following Monday.